MATHESON:  Provider of gas handling equipment for gas detection, purification, management and control, specialty gases, safe delivery sources, and portable gas solutions.
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Gas Handling Equipment: Gas Filters and Purifiers

MATHESON Gas Purifiers include in line and cartridge gas purification products for oxygen removal, hydrocarbon removal, and water removal. In line filters include all-welded depth filters, high pressure filters, and high purity membrane filters.

MATHESON NANOCHEM® Purifiers offer comprehensive solutions for the source, point-of-use, bulk and proximate purification requirements – offering up to nine 9’s purity gas, and serving a wide range of industries including semiconductor manufacturing, LED production, energy processes, welding, and many more.

Filters and Purifiers
Product Line Overview
PUR-Gas™ Cartridge Purification Systems
PUR-Gas™ In-Line Purification Systems
Depth Filters
High Pressure Filters
Membrane Filters
Oxygen Removing Hydrogen Purifiers
High Pressure/Low Capacity Gas Purifiers
Model 465 Moisture Impurity Indicator
Model 6404A Oxygen Removing Purifier
NANOCHEM® Purification Systems
NANOCHEM® Purification Media
NANOCHEM® Hardware Mechanical Specifications
NANOCHEM® Purification Solutions
OMX-Plus™ Purification Medium for Inert and Flammable Gas Purifiers
ASX-II™ Purification Medium for Arsine Gas Purifiers
Metal-X™ Purification Medium for Corrosive Gas Purifiers
HCX™ Purification Medium for Inert Gas Purifiers
PuriFilter® Gas Purifiers
MiniSentry™ In-Line Purifiers
H/HP Series Gas Purifiers
L-Series® Gas Purifiers
L-Series® Purifier ByPass Module
End-Point Detector
WK-Series (White Knight™) Gas Purifiers
MegaShield™ Bulk Gas Purifiers
A-300I Arsine and Phosphine Purifiers
WeldAssure™ Gas Purifiers
ULTIMASorb Dry Abatement Media
In2GO Purification Media for Inert Gas and Ammonia Purifiers
Desicore Germane Gas Purifiers
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