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ENABLEsm Distributor Development Program

The MATHESON Enablesm Distributor Development Program has been designed to help independent distributors chart their own course to increased profits through specialty gas sales.

The key word is "enable" because that is what the program does. It "enables" a distributor to improve its specialty gas business and increase profits. The Enablesm Distributor Development Program consists of a complete line of service offerings, which range from basic sales training and marketing support – up to design and installation of a high purity specialty gas fill plant.

We understand that each distributor has different needs, and Enablesm Distributors ultimately determine their own level of service, consistent with their strategic goals.

The flexibility of the Enablesm Program allows smaller distributors access to MATHESON resources and quality products to help them gain new customers and improve their business.

Larger Enablesm Distributors will be able to fill specialty gases, in their own plants, that are qualified to carry the MATHESON Process Approved label.

The Enablesm Program offers manufacturing distributors everything they need to produce gases that meet the high quality standards of MATHESON.

For more information, call 866-668-4427 (866-6-MTGGAS)

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